About Webpages4u

My Vision

My mission is to provide a professional service, creative design with content that informs and inspires.

My Story

In 2002 as business owner of a child care service, I knew in order for us to increase our business we had to get ourselves noticed on the web. We launch our first website "schoolhousedaycare.com".

Along with our daycare website we started an online consignment store for children's gently used clothes. This required me to build and design an eCommerce website "everafterconsignment.com". As the years went by my wife decided to to start a health and wellness blog "terrytalks.co".

I began using a more advanced web host which was a challenge. I became frustrated with all the tech options and I don't like to be defeated. So I enrolled in several front end and back end design courses. HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, BOOTSTRAP... and I became passionate about web developing and design. Soon after I decided to start a web design business "webpages4u.co".

I also create and design business cards, flyers,  infographics, Facebook cover photos, Instagram post, Pinterest pins and, more.

I've work on several website platforms such as Bluehost, Wix, WordPress, just to name a few.